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Bonita Sound is a culture & talent agency bringing flavor to the world of music entertainment & experience design. From globe-trotting DJs to live artist performances, we’re passionate about styling unique events.

Our mission has always been focused on bringing people together through a diverse mix of music. 

Based in Philly & Brooklyn, we are your culture blending curators.

Music Is Everything

Our nerd loving perspective

We realize this sounds a bit overzealous, but hear us out.

We eat, breathe and sleep music not because it's our job, but because it is life itself.

It's songs that make us laugh from nostalgia, cry with love and dance for joy. We take pride knowing we're responsible for helping to create moments that not only define your tastes, but inspire guests to move, groove and engage in this one-time celebration. 

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Our History

What truly distinguishes Bonita Sound is our culture-forward approach to event design.

Our business is created and managed by real DJs & Artists

who've spent the last 20 years entertaining music lovers world-wide.

We've performed in Havana nightclubs, rocked weddings in northern Italy, 

and styled soundtracks for galas at The Philadelphia Museum of Art. 

We pride ourselves on delivering a dynamic experience that matches your setting and mood. 

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